Our therapists work independently and their therapies are offered in our room.

Please book your appointment directly with them, letting them know you’d love to come to our centre. 

Thank you for your cooperation. 

Giada from Invisible Caims



mob 07930073303

IKIGAI COACHING (find your soul mission)


*Shamanic Healing and Counselling

*Cacao Ceremony

*Shamanic Forest Bathing Therapy

*Shamanic Divination and find your 9 power animals 

*House Energy cleansing and souls psychopomp

90min sessions £45

package of 6 sessions £225






Creative and Spiritual Explorer of the human well-being running events for 20 years worldwide

Shamanic Practitioner

*Toltec tradition: two years formal training

with Two Birds at Anam Cara, Scotland

*Japanese Yamabushi tradition

with Selene Calloni Williams

Shamanic and Integral Yoga Teacher

Ikigai Coach and Forest Therapy Guide

qualified with Selene Calloni Williams

at the Imaginal Academy

Professional Esoteric Numerologist

graduated at The Connaissance School of Numerology, England

Cacao Alchemist Practitioner

obtained with Firetree Alchemy, Scotland

Corporate Mental Health Coach

achieved with WeFocus, Denmark and twenty years working in corporate

Practitioner of Buddhist teachings, meditation and the Five Tibetan Rites Yoga

Founder of Drink In Art

exhibitions of local artists in private flats

Founder of Invisible Caims

workshops, classes, therapies, retreats

Founder of Art and Spirituality

centre for creativity and well-being

Co-author of a non-profit book with 33 Italian women about our stories in different countries


Cori from KOA





Cori Wilkie is a systemic coach, reiki master, sound practitioner, yoga teacher and mindfulness practitioner/teacher.  She has a passion for promoting wellbeing and encouraging individuals to celebrate the uniqueness of who they are.  Her approach is supportive, nurturing and professional. Cori offers sound massage, sound journeys, coaching and reiki at Art & Spirituality.  Cori is a 300 hour yoga teacher and fully qualified as well as experienced in all her professions.  Her offerings are all underpinned by a strong belief that living mindfully and acknowledging energy in you allows you to live a balanced and fulfilled life. 

£40 for all offerings for 60 minutes including a first free 15 minute consultation

Sound massage or journey

In a supportive space Cori will take you on a journey through sound, with the intention of finding stillness. Sound is a powerful therapy which can help with feelings so of stress, anxiety, restlessness, sleeping difficulties and more. The therapy is offered seated or lying down with tibetan bowls placed on your person or beside you. This therapy is healing and empowering and can be tailored to your needs.  

Reiki therapy

Reiki is a beautiful sharing and transferring of energy to promote wellbeing.  Reiki can be offered hands on or off and can be combined with a sound journey if desired.  Cori is an experienced Reiki Master and you are in safe and supportive hands with her.


Are you unsure where your life is taking you? Do you feel lost or unsettled? Have you lost your connection to your heart? Systemic coaching looks at the person as a whole, what drives them, empowers them, their supports, blocks their path.  Cori will support you on your journey of self exploration and discovery, encouraging you to find your own solutions and make new choices.   Coaching sessions are tailored to your needs and can be combined with an 8 week mindfulness programme, where you can learn the skills to take control of your life and wellbeing. 

Dorota Karlowicz



Mob 07926467067

Instagram, fb : @GoldenYana vibes 






FACE (European or pressure points)






With over 16 years of professional experience working with the body and mind, I would like to take you on a journey opening up to and exploring those natural states of the body. This will help you not only deeply relax and release any unwanted tightness but it will also boost your confidence, elevate your mood and make you more aware of your own body. The therapy promote  wellbeing, healthy life style, solving problem and help to move forward with new perspective, solutions, ease and happiness. During the session you have opportunity to releasing stagnation, remove blocking, clean off heaviness., open yourself up to happiness, new path, new life, fulfilled with brightness and joy. 

 Gained skills from : 
Graduated in 2006 Massage Therapy Diploma School  2 years in Poland  , then continue education in Scotland , Reiki 2013 , Introduction to Somatic Trauma Therapy Cours 2019, National Certificate in Wellness Therapies in Edinburg College    2021
 It’s a nurturing process of touch and response. It’s a treatment that is being adapted to your unique needs, physical characteristics and personality. I use a wide range of massaging techniques and blend them into a customised experience to meet those needs. On your arrival, we can assess where you are in your life at the moment; including physical, mental and emotional factors. I will then tailor the treatment according to what needs to be moved in the body in order to create a space for deep relaxation and restoring the natural flow of energy.

My price:

60 min-£50

90 min £70 

Andre' Duarte


mob 0749714263

Experienced complementary and soft tissue therapist, member of the Scottish Massage Therapists Organisation. Graduated with distinction from CityLit, the London School of Massage and the Brighton School of Massage.

Aromatherapy, £49 for 60 minutes,
£69 for 90 minutes
– Swedish massage £46 for 60 minutes,
£66 for 90 minutes
– Deep tissue massage £46 for 60 minutes, £66 for 90 minutes
– Sports massage £46 for 60 minutes,
£66 for 90 minutes
– Lymphatic drainage £46 for 60 minutes, £66 for 90 minutes
Offering therapies here in Gorgie and Leith and at clients’ home.
Paulo Da Costa


Mob 0789 501 7776

I am a multi-disciplinary therapist that uses a holistic approach by combining:

  • Astrology;
  • Hypnotherapy ( that can include Regression therapy/ Past Life Regression)
  • Life Coaching
  • Shamanic Practices

My strength lies in being able to combine different skills, treatments and therapies to suit whatever you need help with. Throughout the years, and after several different courses, I realised that the combination of treatments was a much more effective way to deal with each case.

I can help  people that suffer of:

  • Feeling lost or need guidance;
  • Stress; anxiety or depression; 
  • Fears and phobias;
  • Panic attacks;
  • Weight problems; 
  • Lack of confidence and self-esteem;
  • Addictions (smoking; drinking; gambling );
  • Chronic pain etc…

Astrology Session: £95  for 60m (unless valid promotion – please check my website)

Hypnotherapy or Coaching or Shamanic Healing Session: £70 for 60m

Franck David


Mob 0779 126 2451


My name is Franck David. I’m from Paris. I’ve been passionate about holistic and alternative therapies for as long as I can remember. Over the years I have trained and qualified as a Swedish massage therapist, pregnancy massage therapist, cranio-sacral therapist and I’ve trained in many other holistic disciplines. However, I found my true path in etiotherapy and holistic life coaching.

Etiotherapy has been part of my life for 25 years and to this day it is the most profound, most beautiful and life changing therapy I have ever encountered.  Etio comes from the Greek aitia which means cause. Etiotherapy is the therapy that seeks the origin, the root cause of a problem to treat it. The problems that etiotherapy treats are physical as much as emotional and psychological. I trained in this wonderful therapy in Paris where I graduated.

Plan for around a 1-hour session

Each session is £60

Holistic life coaching is my other passion. What interests me is to understand the person as a whole, who they are. Mind, body and soul are intricated; they work together, independently and cannot be separated.

Having a holistic approach helps the person understand the true nature of their blockages or goals and how to address them.

The first session lasts around 2 hours. Plan for 1.5 hrs for subsequent sessions.

1 session = £60.

Iza Waszak


Iza is a founder of Nomadic Heart Art Medicine that is a combination of two disciplines: healing& art – creation based on a holistic approach and she is passionate about collaborating with communities.

Each technique she offers is individually adapt to the person or group’s needs.

 She describes herself as a visual artist and holistic practitioner- a therapist based in Edinburgh.

She studied Art Pedagogy, Psychology in Education, Animation of Culture, trained as an energy therapist, the shamanic practitioner, Vedic Art , certificated in creative therapeutic sound, meditation & butoh dance.

For many years  she was developing performance, movement, acting, butoh dance, and physical theatre, working and being trained internationally collaborating with beautiful souls from all around the world.

At the moment she continue advanced training in shamanism and nature connection that is her  main focus and helps her to continue sharing from deeper space.


for groups and 1:1

– Soundbath journey

-Shamanic healing session

– Feather stone healing session

 – Ceremonies individual or small groups

–  Nature connection, meditation & relaxation session

– Creativity Art Therapy

– Vedic Art session

Please find out More about Nomadic Heart Medicine  at and if you would like to book or arrange a session at with NHAM please contact Iza directly.

Mari Freya James



Mari is a qualified yoga teacher and trainee yoga therapist with over 6 years of teaching and 12 years of practicing yoga.

Mari is passionate about sharing the healing and therapeutic quality of yoga with others, beginning with her own experience of anxiety and dysregulation in her early twenties during art school. She has studied various trainings and draws from a wide understanding of movement, physiology, anatomy, therapeutic, spiritual and philosophical insight.

With a specialist approach in anxiety, nervous system regulation and womb wellness, her work incorporates intuitive movement practices, breath work, restoration, energy awareness and connection to our emotional and spiritual selves. Mari leads with a curious and intuitive approach to attune and converse with the wisdom of our own bodies, with the intention to bring us home to who we are.

Mari teaches public classes, workshops and courses, and therapeutically works 1:1 with clients in Edinburgh and online.


Rhiannon Gray


Mob  07450236998



I am a qualified Reiki practitioner and Crystal Healer. I channel the energy of Reiki in order to remove blockages and clear out old energy as well as bringing new, vibrant energy into the space of the clients’ physical and etheric body. I offer a hands on/off approach, in addition to Distant Reiki which can be sent to the past/present/future self and/or a consenting person in your life who may need healing, e.g., a family member in hospital. I intuitively approach each session by “tapping in” to the energy of my client. My training in Mental Health Awareness and Therapeutic Art Life Coaching informs the way I use affirmations and incantations alongside my Reiki practice to transform the life of my clients beyond the session. All my clients are invited to keep in touch with me after the session to inform me of any changes that have occurred following the treatment.

My services are design to aid people with:

  • Feeling in alignment with the path of their highest self
  • Improving their self-expression
  • Uncovering and releasing outdated patterns
  • Healing past emotional or physical pain
  • Tuning into their intuition
  • Explore their inner world to find their deepest dreams and desires
  • Finding clarity and meaning in their lives

As an introductory offer, all my Reiki clients can also request a free Tarot session after their Reiki treatment. All Reiki sessions last 1 hour and require a £15 deposit to book.

Crystal Reiki £55

Reiki £50

Distant Reiki £45

Tarot (free 30 min session with any of the above treatments)