Edinburgh 900

Edinburgh is 900 years old: let's celebrate together with our "International South West Community Project"

To mark Edinburgh’s 900-year anniversary and honor its rich tapestry of cultural diversity, we are organizing a series of six creative workshops of 2 hours. These workshops aim to celebrate the city’s vibrant international community, particularly focusing on the South West area, where we are based (Gorgie), an area known for its multicultural dynamism. Additionally, in recognition of the 150th anniversary of the Gorgie-based Heart of Midlothian Football Club, commonly known as Hearts, one of these workshops will spotlight the club’s diverse player roster, which currently includes 57% foreign players.
Edinburgh, with its storied history spanning nine centuries, has evolved into a city that thrives on its multiculturalism. The South West area, home to a myriad of international residents, stands as a testament to this evolution. The workshops are designed to not only commemorate the city’s 900th anniversary but also to celebrate the international influences that have shaped its contemporary cultural landscape.
Each of the six creative workshops will highlight different aspects of Edinburgh’s international community, providing a platform for residents to share their cultural heritage, foster intercultural dialogue, and strengthen community ties. These workshops will include:
1. **Art and Craft Workshop**: Participants will create artworks inspired by their cultural backgrounds, showcasing the diverse artistic traditions present in the South West of Edinburgh.
2. **Culinary Workshop**: This session will feature a cooking class and tastings of dishes from international background
3. **Music and Dance Workshop**: Celebrating the musical and dance traditions of the international community, this workshop will include performances and participatory activities. It will serve as a vibrant expression of the diverse cultural rhythms that contribute to Edinburgh’s unique cultural fabric.
4. **Storytelling Workshop**: In this workshop, participants will share folktales, myths, and personal stories from their home countries. This narrative exchange will highlight the rich oral traditions and histories that have traveled with Edinburgh’s international residents.
5. **Language Exchange Workshop**: Aimed at promoting linguistic diversity, this workshop will offer sessions where participants can teach and learn different languages. It will facilitate communication and understanding among residents from various linguistic backgrounds.
6. **Hearts Anniversary Workshop**: To honor the 150th anniversary of the Heart of Midlothian Football Club, this workshop will focus on the club’s history and its current international player roster. Given that 57% of Hearts’ current players are foreign nationals, this session will emphasize the club’s role in promoting diversity and inclusion within the local community. Participants will engage in activities that celebrate the intersection of sports and multiculturalism, illustrating how football serves as a unifying force.
These workshops collectively aim to highlight the contributions of Edinburgh’s international residents to the city’s cultural vitality. By providing a space for creative expression and intercultural interaction, we seek to foster a deeper sense of community and belonging.
Through these initiatives, we aspire to create a lasting impact that resonates beyond the anniversary celebrations, reinforcing Edinburgh’s identity as a city that thrives on its rich cultural mosaic.

Details to be published soon