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Seasonal Yoga Flow Class 

Classes are suitable for all levels. The intention, pace and flow of classes changes with each Season, supporting our bodies and minds in the best way possible aswell as keeping things interesting. Yoga classes are vinyasa flow and always allow for a breath and meditation practice to close. Breath and mediation classes are an opportunity to find a moment of calm in your day and learn to use your breath to support your body and mind. In all classes you’ll learn something you can take off the mat into the rest of your day or week to support yourself.

EnChanting (singing class)
with Giulia Drummond
 Giulia Drummond a singer-songwriter from Brazil based in Edinburgh. Her project is called Magical Music, and she also teaches singing in a very magical approach.
Giulia‘s teaching draws on music from different roots – not only from Brazil and other South American countries, but also Celtic, Indian, Hebrew, Romani, Sefardi, amongst others. She also integrates sounds from nature, the animals, the wind, water, in a way to show that sound carries healing and even magical properties, a knowledge that has been explored by many ancient cultures.
Giulia has a degree in Psychology and has worked in mental health for nine years, so she approaches music and singing not only as a performative activity, but also therapeutic.
The idea is to find your own voice, surrendering to the flow of the body and notice how the body wants to sing. With breathing and vocal exercises you will develop a heightened awareness of your voice and how the whole body can assist in your singing.
Giulia will also introduce you to a repertoire of chants and songs. All these practices are an invitation to discover the many facets of your voice and being.
It’s a rich patchwork, in which each chant evokes the strength of the roots we all have in common, as humanity and as nature.
Drop in.
£10 per class
Bookings Giulia Drummond <



Kundalini Yoga as taught by Elizabeth Montgomery

The most important thing is your experience, Kundalini Yoga goes straight to your heart, no words can replace that experience. It’s the fastest way to establish an aligned relationship between the body, mind, and soul. These ancient teachings are designed to give you a hands on approach to elevate your consciousness, moving energy and using your innate abilities to self heal.

Elizabeth has spent a lot of her life traveling, exploring other cultures and trying all the yoga and spiritual practices along the way. She’s a qualified kundalini yoga teacher, therapeutic sound healer, reiki practitioner, artist, mathematician, and excel geek. 

Price £10 drop in or five class pass £40, exchange welcome or if struggling financially message me code words “peaches and cream”

To book please click on the link below or

contact Elizabeth –  mobile 07510822078



6-7 pm

Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga and Pilates

7.15-8.15 pm November

Yoga for Menopause

Rachel from Panda Yoga
Rachael has been practicing yoga since she was a teenager and teaching since 2016. She specialises in teaching yin and restorative yoga along with Pilates. Her classes are kept small to allow individual attention to each student. They are friendly and welcoming and open to all levels. 

Saturdays till 30th October

10.00-11.00 am

Strong Yoga Flow 

Hannah from Hannah King Yoga

The intention of the class is to create space, connect, build strength and find stability (both physically and mentally). Expect a slow, steady, yet strong practice, a focus on breath and explorations of the roots of yoga. Suitable for all levels.

Class cost: Drop-in £7/9

Four class monthly pass £30

Book below or write to 

28th November, 19th December


Class Name: UNWIND

Class Description: A monthly practice to support us as we retreat inwards for the yin season of the year. Expect gentle embodied movement and a nourishing yin yoga sequence, followed with a deep yoga nidra practice and ending with a seasonal herbal tea.

Class cost: £12/15

Women’s Moon Circle Saturday 6th November 2.30-4.30pm

with Fay from Yoga with Fay and Cori from KOA

For thousands of years women sat together in circles, to share, to listen, and to talk. To hear one another and to be heard.  They disappeared from view for a while but have gradually made their way back. 

These circles are a unique way of finding connection; with yourself and with others.  Through this space of listening and sharing we empower one another.  Amazing things happen when we come together! 

Fay has been holding circles for over two years, all safe and welcoming spaces.  Now Cori will be joining her in holding this beautiful space with you. 

In our experience, sitting in circle has become part of our health and wellness practice. 

We will begin with a little gentle movement to drop into the body (not a yoga class), guided relaxation or yoga nidra and then open the space for sharing if you feel called. 

These circles open to all self identifying women.

About Cori
Cori is an experienced wellbeing professional with a background in reiki, mindfulness, sound, yoga and coaching. Her offerings are deeply routed in the importance of listening to your heart and finding balance.  Cori has been offering mindful yoga and walks to women in Edinburgh since March 2019 and loves working in the community.  Cori is passionate about empowering all beings to celebrate the uniqueness of who they are.   With Cori you are in supportive and safe hands.

About Fay
Fay is an experienced yoga teacher, massage therapist and reiki practitioner.  She has a background in health and an interest in women’s health for longevity, wellness and vitality, after finding the benefits of a unique practice in her own life. In early 2020 she completed additional training in Yoga Therapy for Women’s Health and Wellness which lead her to the path today of training to become a Yoga Therapist.  She holds open, accessible and welcoming spaces with a focus upon enjoying yourself as much as anything else.

Together, Fay and Cori have an incredibly strong yet soft energy.

If you’ve not attended a circle before and feel a little nervous and curious that is normal, please DM Fay with any questions you may have. 

 Blackbird Song Shamanic Journey Circle with Tracy Owens

5th November 7.30-9.30pm  £15

Shamanic work is deep work…it takes us as isolated, individual humans and weaves us back in to the Web of Life, connecting us to the love of Mother Earth.
This series will introduce you to shamanic journeying, meeting your Power Animal, learning about the shamanic realms and the basics of shamanic healing, and why it is so important that we learn these skills in order to become balanced, connected humans, ready to take our place on the Web of Life.
Tracy is a Therapeutic Shamanic Practitioner. Her style of teaching is relaxed, yet offering a grounded and safe introduction to journeying.
The cost of each class is £15.
Please get in touch  by emailing if you are interested or would like to book.

Monthly Shamanic Circle

with Giada from Invisible Caims

7th November 2-4pm

The mood of our Monthly Shamanic Circles is powerful, dynamic, charming, funny, artistic and relaxing.

The theme of this month will be the Way of healing our wounds through the Japanese Art of Kintsugi.Kintsugi is a metaphor that can be applied to life.When we look back and feel that we have made mistakes, missed opportunities, taken wrong paths, we should be able of putting together the parts of our life with gold, transforming our mistakes from fractures into elements of beauty. Kintsugi is an extraordinary wabi sabi practice that highlights both the Wabi principles of fragility, imperfection, resilience and the sabi principles of the passage of time.Nothing is ever truly broken or lost, the scar is a door through which light can enter us, if we know how to embellish it with gold, instead of hiding it in the darkness.

Expect Japanese Rituals from the Yamabushi Shamans . Be ready to take a shamanic journey accompanied by Giada’s drumming and be in touch with your spirits allies to ask questions for which you need guidance.

Be open to receive and explore! 

Shamanic Meditation and Mandala Painting

20th November 2-4pm

with Giada from Invisible Caims 

Shamanic meditation is simple, even for beginners. It is similar to eastern meditation practices, but it doesn’t concentrate on leaving behind the stresses and illnesses of daily life. Instead, it focuses on using a spiritual connection to heal these worldly concerns in their roots.
You will lie down, close your eyes and, transported by the driving beat of Giada’s drum, you’ll be guided in your own powerful shamanic journey as a deep evolution of communication with your spiritual guides (your higher self as well as others) to lead you on a personal journey of healing and understanding. You will journey to find your power animal ally and with a purpose, a question to gain insight into an issue that you want to know more about. And you will come back with your ally and an answer.
Going on a shamanic journey, you will able to access the other worlds through your dreaming body, into non-ordinary reality. This is what happens when you dream in your sleep, but in a shamanic journey you learn to dream awake.

And then there’ll be be creative time to play with colours and paint your own mandala.

A mandala is a circle that becomes a container to hold your ideas and emotions, it is a circle of interconnection. You’ll  listen to the history and deep meanings of this wonderful concept through Giada’s words: she will explore mandalas from nature to religion to art and more. Mandalas are one of the most ancient art forms created by human beings. Rock carvings and stone circles found all over the world have the circular form and its variations such as spirals, crosses, concentric circles. Some archeologists think that these circles symbolize the sun or the rhythms of seasons,  Mother Earth or a shamanic point of entry into a spiritual dimension. 

Designing and coloring mandalas can help you focus your attention. That’s why they’re a great exercise for calming down when you’re are stressed and waking up your mind. Here are some benefits of mandalas:

  • The way all the shapes and designs are laid out brings a feeling of balance.
  • They bring peace and tranquility.
  • Looking at them will give you a feeling of calmness.
  • They help with concentration.
  • They make it easier to be mindful.
  • Another thing thing they do is push aside thoughts and let your creativity flow.
  • The way all the shapes and designs are laid out brings a feeling of balance.

21st November 2-4pm

Rear-View Mirror: Self-Reflection Through Writing

Workshop with the writer Matthew Keeley

Important experiences can be challenging to process in the present. While we’re often told not to linger on the past, it can be difficult to move on in life without a clear sense of where we’ve come from. Like driving, we still need to look in the rear-view mirror to manoeuvre mindfully and journey forward.
People have been writing about their own lives for centuries. The process of writing reflectively encourages us to explore important memories, often unearthing forgotten moments, and to consider how we’ve grown and developed since then. Creating a written piece can be a way of ‘clearing the shelves’ in our minds and, like all writing, bring a sense of accomplishment.
This workshop is a dedicated space to reflect on an important memory or experience in your life, consider how it has impacted you, and use creative writing skills to begin developing a piece of reflective, autobiographical writing. We will also finish the workshop with some mindfulness through writing. The class is suitable for anyone who wants to develop their writing skills or dedicate time to exploring a significant past experience. No writing experience is necessary!
                                                                          About Matthew:
Matthew studied English Literature at the University of Glasgow and has been teaching English in schools and to foreign language students for fifteen years. He writes novels, short stories, poetry, and non-fiction, and has spoken at various book launches, festivals, and writing groups including the Cymera Festival, The Nottingham Writers’ Studio, Writing East Midlands, and Poetry LGBT.
Matthew is also a qualified Reiki II healer and a keen Ashtanga yoga practitioner with a fascination for tarot, meditation and crystal healing.

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