All the facilitators teach independently at the centre, 

please contact them directly in case of questions, thank you



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Yoga Flow 

with Lianne from Flowbyseason 

EnChanting (singing class)
with Giulia Drummond



Kundalini Yoga as taught by Elizabeth Montgomery


6-7 pm

Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga and Pilates

7.15-8.15 pm 

Yoga for Menopause

with Panda Yoga

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4th December


Let’s paint the Universe

with Monika from Pink Hat


5th December 



Shamanic Circle 

with Giada

from Invisible Caims 

11th December 12.30-17.30

Nature with Me

A Midwinter gathering of yoga, meditation and rituals

with Bethan Elsdale and Stephanie Knight

12th December 

2-4 pm

Find your Ikigai, your passion and purpose in life

with Giada from Invisible Caims

18th December


Weaving together a magical Soundbath with supreme suprise

with Iza from Nomadic Heart Medicine

19th December
Women’s Moon Circle 
with Fay from Yoga with Fay and Cori from KOA



Seasonal Yoga Flow Class 

Classes are suitable for all levels. The intention, pace and flow of classes changes with each Season, supporting our bodies and minds in the best way possible aswell as keeping things interesting. Yoga classes are vinyasa flow and always allow for a breath and meditation practice to close. Breath and mediation classes are an opportunity to find a moment of calm in your day and learn to use your breath to support your body and mind. In all classes you’ll learn something you can take off the mat into the rest of your day or week to support yourself.

EnChanting (singing class)
with Giulia Drummond
 Giulia Drummond a singer-songwriter from Brazil based in Edinburgh. Her project is called Magical Music, and she also teaches singing in a very magical approach.
Giulia‘s teaching draws on music from different roots – not only from Brazil and other South American countries, but also Celtic, Indian, Hebrew, Romani, Sefardi, amongst others. She also integrates sounds from nature, the animals, the wind, water, in a way to show that sound carries healing and even magical properties, a knowledge that has been explored by many ancient cultures.
Giulia has a degree in Psychology and has worked in mental health for nine years, so she approaches music and singing not only as a performative activity, but also therapeutic.
The idea is to find your own voice, surrendering to the flow of the body and notice how the body wants to sing. With breathing and vocal exercises you will develop a heightened awareness of your voice and how the whole body can assist in your singing.
Giulia will also introduce you to a repertoire of chants and songs. All these practices are an invitation to discover the many facets of your voice and being.
It’s a rich patchwork, in which each chant evokes the strength of the roots we all have in common, as humanity and as nature.
Drop in.
£10 per class
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6-7 pm

Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga and Pilates

7.15-8.15 pm November

Yoga for Menopause

Rachel from Panda Yoga
Rachael has been practicing yoga since she was a teenager and teaching since 2016. She specialises in teaching yin and restorative yoga along with Pilates. Her classes are kept small to allow individual attention to each student. They are friendly and welcoming and open to all levels. 

Let’s paint the Universe!

4th December 12-2pm

with Monika from Pink Hat

We are all Cosmic Sparks, children of the Cosmos. The whole Universe is infinite, conscious Energy and this is our source, our home.

How do you imagine your cosmic home? How could you paint it? As a portal? A shining perfect star? Maybe you would express the vision of the infinite Universe as a symbol?

During painting, I will guide you if you would like to, and will give you professional advice on how to paint and draw. The artwork will be yours to keep and your memory from the workshop.

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5th December 2-4pm

Monthly Shamanic Circle with Giada from Invisible Caims 

The mood of our Monthly Shamanic Circles at the Art and Spirituality Centre in Gorgie, Edinburgh is  powerful, dynamic, charming, funny, artistic and relaxing. 

The theme of December will be the key to everything: learning to cultivate FAITH. Not in something, not in someone.

We will learn practical shamanic rituals that can help us tremendously in adopting a new method of thinking. You will be able to untie the knots of unconscious self-boycott and you will not be able to do anymore those things in which you do not truly believe. 

We need a new method of thinking capable of projecting us into a future in which we can rediscover man’s ancient, primitive capacity for faith. A natural, wild, free faith, is a continuous drive to go beyond oneself and what the mind claims to know, it is a faculty capable of leading to full self-realisation. In a society where easy answers are everywhere, just type in the question, it is difficult to remain face to face with mystery and imagination, which are the true gyms of faith, self-confidence and inner strength.

Those who, in these conditions, manage to cultivate the power of faith have great possibilities and can make an effective contribution to the world.

Expect Japanese Rituals from the Yamabushi Shamans oBe ready to take a shamanic journey accompanied by Giada’s drumming and be in touch with your spirits allies to ask questions for which you need guidance. 

Nature Within Me

Saturday 11th December 12.30-17.30

A Midwinter gathering of yoga, meditation and rituals

with Bethan Elsdale and Stephanie Knight


A Midwinter Gathering to attune to the inherent wisdom within each of us, and honour the energy of the Feminine present at this time of year. The embrace of Winter and the prevailing darkness brings with it the opportunity for stilling and going within, creative gestation and self nourishment as we await the return of the Light.

If we Winter well, we can Summer anywhere.

It will combine Yoga with Meditation, Inner Enquiry and Ritual to support this.

You may wish to gift this to yourself or a special friend. Cost £40

[Please note: places are limited to 10 people]

Further information and to book a place, please contact:


This special Gathering is facilitated by Bethan Elsdale & Stephanie Knight

Bethan Elsdale RCST, UKCP reg. IoB.

Bethan has over 30 years experience offering Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy and Core Process Psychotherapy in Edinburgh. She is an initiate of Brigid of Ireland and offers ‘Teachings from the Cauldron’ of Celtic Consciousness, and invites the sacred into everyday life.

She supports individuals and groups to bring more wholeness and consciousness into their lives, and draws on her own rich and varied life experience in support of this.

Stephanie Knight is a Classical Haṭha Yoga Teacher and in 2020, she completed the Integral Transformational Meditation course with Swami Vidyanand and the Integral Transformational Yoga Master course with Swamiji.  She is privileged to be teaching Yoga with a number of communities and individuals. 

As well as a Yoga Master, Stephanie has been a Theatre Director, Artist/Researcher & Writer working nationally and internationally. She also spent over 20 years as a University Lecturer.

Stephanie has been practicing Yoga for over 50 years, and her practice and teaching are rooted in the belief that Yoga is the path of taking good care of our original, authentic selves and our deep interconnectedness with Nature. By taking good care of ourselves, we can then take care of others and the beautiful planet Earth.





12th December 2-4 pm

Find your Ikigai, your passion and purpose in life

with Giada from Invisible Caims

Some people are lucky to find a job that corresponds to their true  passion, to their soul mission. But there are a lot  of people that do not have such a privilege, as they need to take jobs they do not resonate with their own hearts, simply to support their living costs. And this has a big impact on their mental health and well-being conditions. Some other people cannot instead find the  courage for such a big change. 

If you are one of them, the  Japanese people from the island of Okinawa have a word for you:  Ikigai. It’s your “reason for being”, the  mission of your soul that you can only understand with your Heart, not with your  Mind.

To find your Ikigai, you need energy, skills and gifts from your ancestors.

During this workshop together, we will start with a Japanese shamanic ritual to set this powerful intention. You will then visualize your fears and blocks and write on some paper that will go  inside your bowl. With full awareness, you  will firmly and safely break your pottery and with the help of  others, you will purify the space around you and inside yourself with an incense. 

It will be now time to easily repair your pottery with gold through a  modern reinterpretation of the art of kintsugi, that teaches that broken objects are not something to hide but to display with pride. This is the essence of resilience: the present situation that blocks you from joining your passions should be taken  in their positive aspect of imperfection, according to the Wabi Sabi philosophy. 

While repairing your unique piece in a very easy way, I will share with you more of what I’ve learnt through my Shamanic teacher about the Japanese Aesthetics principles of the Wabi Sabi and the Ikigai. 

To reach your ikigai, you need skills, talents and energy that are already inside yourself, just waiting to be unveiled. 

This will be a beatiful taster of a journey that requires time and that I normally start, as a qualified Ikigai Coach, with those people that are willing to dig inside their hearts to discover what is their true song this life.

What to take with you:

*a bowl of medium size, not too thin, not too thick

*your own mat or we have them here too

The rest of the material will be provided

Weaving together a magical Soundbath with supreme suprise

18th December 6.15-7.30pm

with Iza from Nomadic Heart Medicine

Weaving together a magical Soundbath supported with breath, affirmations, mantras. Hosted by Nomadic Heart Art Medicine.

“Sound is the force of creation, the true whole. Music then, becomes the voice of the great cosmic oneness and therefore the optimal way to reach this final state of healing.”

Hazrat Inayat Khan

The workshop will be facilitated by Iza Waszak founder of Nomadic Heart Art Medicine invite you to experience the nourishment of the soul, mind, and body through:

– sound healing -breath -relaxation -voice – inviting simple mantras and chanting that help us to create a source of light around us.

Working with a combination of instruments, singing bowls, tongue drum, drum, voice, chimes, and more. Nomadic Heart Art. Medicine creates very unique atmosphere inviting affirmations and visualizations.

Sound – supporting and restoring your nervous system, taking you for a deep journey of relaxation, allowing you to connect with your breath, and experience healing from within.

The sessions uplift you in your daily life making you feel more grounded, joyful, connected, and peaceful – with lots of space for creativity.

Nomadic Hearts love to share and work with communities and is looking forward to co-creating together – bringing you into safe spaces for sharing.

What to bring:

-your own mat -blanket -eye mask -water/snack for after your session.

Feel free to bring cushions too if you want to get super cozy and comfortable.

Iza offers regular Women’s Nature Connection groups and Community Drumming Circles. Please let her know if you would like to be kept in the loop.

We look forward to seeing you!

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 19th  December 10 am  – 12 pm
Women’s Moon Circle
with Fay from Yoga with Fay and Cori from KOA
This is an incredibly busy and demanding time of year.  With the focus on home and family this can create its own demands and joy, but we are also aware this isn’t the case for everyone, and the absence of loved ones can be felt more intensely.  
So it feels a perfect moment to nurture the heart and rest in this heart and hearth time together.  19th December is a Full Moon which will have quite a different energy to we are feeling just now.  It is also the beginning of Venus retrograde, and is of course only a few days before the Winter Solstice and Yuletide.  A perfect time to tend to the inner fire.
For thousands of years women sat together in circles, to share, to listen, and to talk. To hear one another and to be heard.  They disappeared from view for a while but have gradually made their way back.  
These circles are a unique way of finding connection; with yourself and with others.  Through this space of listening and sharing we empower one another.  Amazing things happen when we come together!  
Fay has been holding circles for over two years, all safe and welcoming spaces.  Now Cori will be joining her in holding this beautiful space with you.  
In our experience, sitting in circle has become part of our health and wellness practice.  
You can expect sharing, guided relaxation or yoga nidra and then open the space for sharing if you feel called in a safe and supportive space.
These circles open to all self identifying women.
About Cori
Cori is an experienced wellbeing professional with a background in reiki, mindfulness, sound, yoga and coaching. Her offerings are deeply routed in the importance of listening to your heart and finding balance.  Cori has been offering mindful yoga and walks to women in Edinburgh since March 2019 and loves working in the community.  Cori is passionate about empowering all beings to celebrate the uniqueness of who they are.   With Cori you are in supportive and safe hands.
About Fay 
Fay is an experienced yoga teacher, massage therapist and reiki practitioner.  She has a background in health and an interest in women’s health for longevity, wellness and vitality, after finding the benefits of a unique practice in her own life. In early 2020 she completed additional training in Yoga Therapy for Women’s Health and Wellness which lead her to the path today of training to become a Yoga Therapist.  She holds open, accessible and welcoming spaces with a focus upon enjoying yourself as much as anything else.
Together, Fay and Cori have an incredibly strong yet soft energy. 
If you’ve not attended a circle before and feel a little nervous and curious that is normal, please DM Fay with any questions you may have.  
To book see the link or DM us
Link to book:
Price: 24 per person
Picture credit Unsplash