All the facilitators teach independently at the centre, 

please contact them directly in case of questions, thank you



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10.30-11.30 am


with Kirstine  from Kirstine UK




 6.30-7.30 pm


with Kotomi from Anam Cara Yoga Therapy





with Lianne from Flowbyseason 





with Elspeth

from Pause To Be





Gita and Krishna

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Shamanic Circles

First Sunday of the month 


with Giada 

from Invisible Caims


Creative Shamanic Workshop

Second Saturday of the month


with Giada from

Invisible Caims 


Nihongo yoga

(in Japanese) 

with Kotomi from Anam Cara Yoga Therapy

Every first Sunday of the month 11:00AM-1.30PM (class 11-12.30)


Women’s Moon Circles  

10th September


with Cori from Koa

and Fay -Yoga with Fay


Cacao Connection Ceremony

16th September 7-9.30pm

with Cori from Koa

Hayley Reid


Chakra Dancing with Jennifer Rose

20th August 11-12.30


Reiki and Sound Journey

with Cori from KOA

28 August 7 pm
2 October 7 pm
6 November 7 pm 



Mondays   10.30-11.30 am

Gentle Yoga- Soul Re-treat

with Kirstine from Kirstine UK

Be enveloped in an hour of gentle yoga stretches to loosen the body, breath-work to relax the mind and meditation to rejuvenate the soul.

Hi my name is Kirstine I have been working within the Natural healing world since 1999 providing massage and alternative therapies within the Edinburgh area. I started to create my natural product range in 2004 to compliment the therapies I provided, in 2005 I qualified in Teaching Adult Learners while also completing my Reiki Masters training which allowed me not only to treat my clients but offer them the tools to take home for their own healing. 

Mondays 6.30-7.30 pm

Holistic Yoga with Kotomi from Anam Cara Yoga Therapy

All ability levels
Flexibility & experience not required
Teaching methods are based on the fields of yoga Kotomi has studied, which are Hatha, Ashtanga, Kundalini Kriya, Tantra, and Holistic Yoga.
The class includes Physical practice, Breathwork, Meditation and Mantra chanting.
Holistic yoga helps to look at one’s entire state, both mental and physical, in order to address personal issues one might be facing. Most diseases and illnesses are believed to be the result of imbalances and can be treated with holistic approach.
Holistic yoga is an alternative medicine, not only focusing on physical practice of yoga. The students learn to apply yoga in their daily life in a therapeutic way.

Wednesdays 6-7pm

Minfulness for All

with Elspeth from Pause to Be

These classes aim to help you experience more ease in your day-to-day life, by sharing a variety of simple mindfulness meditations and techniques which you can weave into your week.

This is your class, so you choose what feels right for you! You will be invited to practise some sitting (on chair or cushion), standing and lying down meditations, as well as some gentle mindful movement.

There is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way to practise – apart from bringing warmth, friendliness and curiosity to your body and mind. In each new moment, we are all beginners, whether you have practised mindfulness for years, or have never tried it before.

All are welcome. Mats, blocks and blankets will be provided, but please feel free to bring your own if you prefer. You may also wish to bring a drink of water to the class.

***Book 4 classes and get your 5th class free. (Student rates also available for current students – please get in touch with me for booking code).***

Elspeth Lewis is a certified Mindfulness and Acceptance (ACT) coach for adults and young people. She is also an author and parent who loves Qi Gong, coffee and beach walks with her golden retriever.
She is a member of the Complementary Medical Association (CMA) and also holds PVG registration. Elspeth enjoys sharing the benefits of mindfulness with others to help them find relief from challenges, such as stress, anxiety and physical discomfort, and to feel empowered as they move forward in life.”
In case of questions please contact 

Tuesdays  6.30-7.30pm

Seasonal Yoga Flow Class

Classes are suitable for all levels. The intention, pace and flow of classes changes with each Season, supporting our bodies and minds in the best way possible aswell as keeping things interesting. Yoga classes are vinyasa flow and always allow for a breath and meditation practice to close. Breath and mediation classes are an opportunity to find a moment of calm in your day and learn to use your breath to support your body and mind. In all classes you’ll learn something you can take off the mat into the rest of your day or week to support yourself.

Any questions 

Fridays 5.30-6.30pm

Nada Yoga

with Gita and Krishna

Cost £12

Going by our spiritual names “Gita and Krishna” for our offering, we both have chosen to dedicate our lives to the spiritual process by practicing all branches of classical Yoga as well as Tantra Yoga, intensely everyday. Gita has been studying traditional Hatha, Tantra, Kundalini, and Holistic Yoga as well as Energy healing such as Reiki and a variety of other practices. Krishna is a Reiki, Crystal and Voice healer. Deeply dedicated following the yogic life in all it’s directions, and putting past tantric, yogic, and mystical knowledge into use through channeling from past lives. He is deeply devoted to his inner Guru who he feels is always with him, guiding him.

In each of our daily practices, we have often felt the magical benefit of properly chanting mantras. Not only is it effective for relaxation, meditation, and healing, but by chanting these sacred sounds, our cells and energy, and thus our very being resonate with these combinations of sounds. This creates transformation in the deepest parts of our mind, evoking positive changes in our mental and emotional state, spiritual evolution, and an overall positive shift in our internal and external life. We are both experiencing these strong changes day by day as our lives go on. We hope that this simple yet deeply sophisticated spiritual journey will be experienced by many people, to help them facilitate deep personal healing and evolution, as well as beauty within and around them. We wish for this bliss to touch everyone that is willing.

We offer our Nada Yoga Class on Friday at 5:30 pm (60min)
Location at (6-8 Alexander Drive (in Gorgie)
EH11 2RH Edinburgh)
Practice Chanting powerful Mantras step by step, Pranayama, Meditation, Mystic Rituals to enrich our practice, Yoga philosophy and Healing rituals.
If you are interested in joining, please Contact us

write to

or book below



First Sunday each month

Monthly Shamanic Circles

With Giada from Invisible Caims  

The mood of our Monthly Shamanic Circles is  powerful, dynamic, charming, funny, artistic and relaxing. 

See to read more about each topic 

Be open to receive and explore!

Please have with you:

*a blindfold

*something white to wear

*your favourite scarf to be used as a magic mantle

*a notebook if you like 


Zen circles, ensō, are symbols of teaching, reality, enlightenment, perfect in their continuity, balance, and sense of completeness, and yet often irregular in execution. They are at once the most fundamentally simple and the most complex shape with endless expression variations. Ensō evoke power, dynamism, charm, humor, drama, and stillness.

Ensō symbolizes a moment when the mind is free to simply let the body/spirit create. And you will be free to express yourself in accordance with the beauty of imperfection. Be ready to merge fully each month with powerful Toltec Rituals, Ceremonies, Initiations, Storytelling, Sharing time, Japanese Shamanic Forest Bathing, Cacao Ceremonies, Rites, Mandalas  and Esoteric Numerology readings to find your Ikigai (your soul mission), Divination tools, Shamanic Journeys, Meditations and more. Our Circles will happen in person,  in the Art and Spirituality Centre in Gorgie) or online according to the current time, but they will be there for you each month. Our Circles are Golden and you need to be an Inner Explorer to be part of them. “Since the earliest times, the golden thread has been the symbol of a knowledge that comes from personal experience and is free from institutional conditioning. It is a thread because it represents the continuity of an experience that is always old and always new. This thread is golden because it is immortal. “ Raimon Panikkar (Spanish philosopher and  theologian )


Shamanic meditation is simple, even for beginners. It is similar to eastern meditation practices, but it doesn’t concentrate on leaving behind the stresses and illnesses of daily life. Instead, it focuses on using a spiritual connection to heal these worldly concerns in their roots.
You will lie down, close your eyes and, transported by the driving beat of Giada’s drum, you’ll be guided in your own powerful shamanic journey as a deep evolution of communication with your spiritual guides (your higher self as well as others) to lead you on a personal journey of healing and understanding. You will journey to find your power animal ally and with a purpose, a question to gain insight into an issue that you want to know more about. And you will come back with your ally and an answer.
Going on a shamanic journey, you will able to access the other worlds through your dreaming body, into non-ordinary reality. This is what happens when you dream in your sleep, but in a shamanic journey you learn to dream awake.

Shamanism is a spiritual practice that goes beyond every beliefs and culture and is about trying to reach your full potential as you walk on planet earth, so connecting yourselves to the whole. Shamans were described as the first physicians, magicians, artists, storytellers, spiritual beings. But shamans are healers that make changes in invisible realms to help healing in the ordinary reality of the community. Shamans see in the darkness while connecting with the divine outside the time in an altered state of consciousness.

Some powerful benefits from Shamanic drumming:

  1. Reduce stress
  2. Improves concentration
  3. opens up acceptance of self
  4. it encourages the body to desire a healthier lifestyle
  5. beneficial to your cardiovascular health
  6. boosts your immune system
  7. induces a deeper self-awareness by prompting synchronus brain activity and alpha waves
  8. helps releasing negative feelings and emotional trauma

any questions

Women’s Moon Circle 

with Fay from Yoga with Fay and Cori from KOA

PLEASE NOTICE 25TH SEP has been anticipated to 10th SEPTEMBER

Our themes will vary and will bring awareness to the seasons, energetic occurrences and rituals. For thousands of years women sat together in circles, to share, to listen, and to talk. To hear one another and to be heard.  They disappeared from view for a while but have gradually made their way back.  These circles are a unique way of finding connection; with yourself and with others.  Through this space of listening and sharing we empower one another.  Amazing things happen when we come together!  

Fay has been holding circles for over two years, all safe and welcoming spaces.  Cori has been part of these nourishing circles since August 2021 and jointly they hold the space.  

In our experience, sitting in circle has become part of our health and wellness practice.  

We will begin with a little gentle movement to drop into the body, guided relaxation or yoga nidra and then open the space for sharing if you feel called.   

(Circle structure may vary) 

These circles open to all self identifying women.

About Cori
Cori is an experienced wellbeing professional with a background in reiki, mindfulness, sound, yoga and coaching. Her offerings are deeply routed in the importance of listening to your heart and finding balance.  Cori has been offering mindful yoga and walks to women in Edinburgh since March 2019 and loves working in the community.  Cori is passionate about empowering all beings to celebrate the uniqueness of who they are.   With Cori you are in supportive and safe hands.

About Fay 
Fay is an experienced yoga teacher, massage therapist and reiki practitioner.  She has a background in health and an interest in women’s health for longevity, wellness and vitality, after finding the benefits of a unique practice in her own life. In early 2020 she completed additional training in Yoga Therapy for Women’s Health and Wellness which lead her to the path today of training to become a Yoga Therapist.  She holds open, accessible and welcoming spaces with a focus upon enjoying yourself as much as anything else.

Together, Fay and Cori have an incredibly strong yet soft energy. 

If you’ve not attended a circle before and feel a little nervous and curious that is normal, please DM Fay with any questions you may have.  

Link to book:

Any questions 

Nihongo yoga (in Japanese) 

with Kotomi from Anam Cara Yoga Therapy
Every first Sunday of the month 11:00AM-1.30PM (class 11-12.30)

This unique class for people who study Japanese (or likes Japanese culture) and Japanese people. To have a chance to meet new people and communicate in Japanese. This class includes time for meeting with tea after the yoga class. This class is Ashtanga yoga sequence for beginner(So that when you come every time, you will learn about Ashtanga yoga and Japanese at same time :))Kids, Family or Couple are welcome

(Children under 12 for free, and under 18 for half price)


Kotomi is a Hatha yoga teacher, Tantra massage therapist, Fitness instructor,  Psychic Card reader/ Medium and she is also assisting an organisation of Indian Nadi astrology Palm Leaf Reading.
Kotomi used to practice yoga for fitness. However in 2019, when Kotomi discovered authentic Tantric Yoga and yoga philosophy, it completely changed her life and she fell deep into the yogic direction. Since then she has not stopped studying in order to expand her knowledge, branching out to explore many aspects of yoga. As a result, her health and mental health has been dramatically improved and become more stable. Kotomi realised that mental stability affects your reality, also the body tells us what emotions to focus on to improve and overcome obstacles in one’s life.
She completed RYT 500+ hours (Hatha/Vinyasa yoga for 200 hours, Kundalini/Holistic yoga for 300 hours at Indian school) and has kept studying Kundalini and Tantra yoga for over 3 years at the school.
Her motivation is to become a messenger of Rishi’s ancient wisdom: Hatha yoga, pranayama, and Meditation with mantra to bring balance physically mentally and spiritually.
Kotomi teaches All level Holistic Yoga classes, inspired by Kundalini and Tantra, The Class includes pranayama and meditation every Monday from 18:30 – 19:30 at Art & Spirituality and on Thursday from 08:30 – 09:30 at Beetroot Wellness Centre.
Also there is a yoga class in Japanese on Every first Sunday of the month from 11:00 – 13:30 at Art & Spirituality. This unique class is for people who study Japanese (or like Japanese culture) and Japanese people. Create a chance to meet new people and chat in Japanese. This class includes time to have a chat with tea after the yoga class. This class is Ahstanga yoga sequence for beginners.
More details about classes or for booking, (website) (facebook page)  (instagram)

The mood of our Monthly Shamanic Circles at the Art and Spirituality Centre in Gorgie, Edinburgh is  powerful, dynamic, charming, funny, artistic and relaxing. 

The day before you will receive an email to set the appointment for the venue which can be either Saughton Park or 5 minutes from there, the Art and Spirituality Centre.

The theme of August will be 


The veil between the spiritual and physical realms thins, which allows the powerful cosmic energy to flow easily. This is known as the activation of the Lion’s portal. Egypt and its pyramids seem to have a direct connection with this portal. When Sirius rises in our sky, Orion’s Belt aligns directly with the Pyramids of Giza. When we look up, this alignment makes Sirius appear to have moved closer to us. Being twice the size of our Sun, Sirius is a powerful source of spiritual energy. It is associated with fertility and abundance, and this is what we receive when the portal becomes active.

The reason why the 8:8 portal is called “of Leo” is that it occurs when the Sun transits Leo. Representing the presence of the Divine in the Self, the Lion energy invites us to access the codes of ascension and higher consciousness that the two solar bodies are emitting.

Being part of our Shamanic Circle at Saughton Park (if the weather allows) or at the Art and Spirituality Centre in Gorgie, will be an incredible opportunity to receive a direct Initiation to an ancient powerful Egyptian mantra for abundance.

In our circles expect Japanese Rituals from the Yamabushi Shamans Be ready to take a shamanic journey accompanied by Giada’s drumming and be in touch with your spirits allies to ask questions for which you need guidance. 

Be open to receive and explore!

Reiki and Sound Journey

with Cori from KOA

28 August 7 pm
2 October 7 pm
6 November 7 pm 
Join Cori from KOA for 60 minutes of sound with reiki flow. Cori’s sound journey’s include a variety of instruments including tibetan bowls, crystal bowls, drums, chimes and her own voice. You can expect beautiful guided meditation and some beautiful readings. Reiki will be shared will all participants during the sound journey, creating a an energising and empowering experience.  If you are new to sound journeys or baths you can expect to be lying down; you will hear a variety of sounds and be guided via a meditative story  Each instrument has a different frequency and vibration and the vibrations are scientifically proven to promote wellbeing and relaxation.  Sound therapy has been practiced for many many years, in various cultures and is a beautiful way to take 60 minutes out of your day to relax and be.  Sound baths/journeys can help with anxiety, stress, sleep issues, feeling unsettled and restlessness, however you are reminded this is complimentary therapy.  Cori ensures a safe and supportive space where all are welcome.  The intention of these sessions are to promote a feeling of being grounded, rooted, settled; something which is so important in the very changing world we live in.  No previous experience is needed and you cam  contact Cori with any questions you may have. 
Cori is offerieng a block of 4 sound journeys, each with a theme.  The overarching theme is ‘get grounded.’ 
Week 1: Connect with your roots, ground yourself
Week 2: Embrace your inner tree, feel strong
Week 3: Nourish your being, connect with your body
Week 4: Bloom where you are planted 
£15 per person
Community spaces are available for £10, please contact Cori for this option. 
Booking is direct with Cori to avoid booking fees or via Eventbrite. 
About Cori:
Cori created the brand KOA to offer a holistic approach to wellbeing. She is an experienced and fully qualified Reiki Master, Sound Therapist, Yoga teacher (YIN, RESTORATIVE, VINYASA), Systemic Coach and Mindfulness Teacher/Practitioner. Cori is based in Edinburgh and is passionate about encouraging each individual to prioritise their wellbeing in the way that is right for them.  She acknowledges the uniqueness of each person.   Her open and supportive approach will make you feel safe and empowered. You can find out more about her or find her on social media under KOA Edinburgh. 
All participants need to complete a disclaimer with KOA, Once you sign up and pay, Cori will be in touch.