All the facilitators teach independently at the centre, 

please contact them directly in case of questions, thank you




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Tuesdays BACK ON 1/2



Yoga Flow 

with Lianne from Flowbyseason 

Thursdays  BACK ON 3/3 

6-7 pm

Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga and Pilates

with Panda Yoga

FREE Gentle Yoga in Spanish with Lorena Lozano Bravo

24th January 6-7pm

25th January 5-6pm

26th January 6-7pm

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First Sunday of the month 

2-4pm Shamanic Circles

with Giada 

from Invisible Caims

Second Saturday 

of the month

2-4pm Creative 

Shamanic Workshop

with Giada from

Invisible Caims 

Chakra Balancing. Inviting sound, energy healing, meditation, sound

5th February 6.15-7pm

with Iza Nomadic Heart Art Medicine 

FREE Gentle Yoga in Spanish with Lorena Lozano Bravo

24th January 6-7pm

25th January 5-6pm FULLY BOOKED

26th January 6-7pm

Gentle Yoga: Lorena’s 3 classes will go deep into our hips, shoulders and neck, and low back (as this is what we usually need to work and take care the most  due to our lifestyle).
She’s gonna do pranayama in each class as well.

Tuesdays  BACK ON 1/2



Seasonal Yoga Flow ClassClasses are suitable for all levels. The intention, pace and flow of classes changes with each Season, supporting our bodies and minds in the best way possible aswell as keeping things interesting. Yoga classes are vinyasa flow and always allow for a breath and meditation practice to close. Breath and mediation classes are an opportunity to find a moment of calm in your day and learn to use your breath to support your body and mind. In all classes you’ll learn something you can take off the mat into the rest of your day or week to support yourself.




Thursdays BACK ON 3/3

6-7 pm

Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga and Pilates

Rachel from Panda Yoga
Rachael has been practicing yoga since she was a teenager and teaching since 2016. She specialises in teaching yin and restorative yoga along with Pilates. Her classes are kept small to allow individual attention to each student. They are friendly and welcoming and open to all levels. 

First Sunday each month

Monthly Shamanic Circles

With Giada from Invisible Caims  

The mood of our Monthly Shamanic Circles is  powerful, dynamic, charming, funny, artistic and relaxing. 

See to read more about each topic 

Be open to receive and explore!

Please have with you:

*a blindfold

*something white to wear

*your favourite scarf to be used as a magic mantle

*a notebook if you like 


Zen circles, ensō, are symbols of teaching, reality, enlightenment, perfect in their continuity, balance, and sense of completeness, and yet often irregular in execution. They are at once the most fundamentally simple and the most complex shape with endless expression variations. Ensō evoke power, dynamism, charm, humor, drama, and stillness.

Ensō symbolizes a moment when the mind is free to simply let the body/spirit create. And you will be free to express yourself in accordance with the beauty of imperfection. Be ready to merge fully each month with powerful Toltec Rituals, Ceremonies, Initiations, Storytelling, Sharing time, Japanese Shamanic Forest Bathing, Cacao Ceremonies, Rites, Mandalas  and Esoteric Numerology readings to find your Ikigai (your soul mission), Divination tools, Shamanic Journeys, Meditations and more. Our Circles will happen in person,  in the Art and Spirituality Centre in Gorgie) or online according to the current time, but they will be there for you each month. Our Circles are Golden and you need to be an Inner Explorer to be part of them. “Since the earliest times, the golden thread has been the symbol of a knowledge that comes from personal experience and is free from institutional conditioning. It is a thread because it represents the continuity of an experience that is always old and always new. This thread is golden because it is immortal. “ Raimon Panikkar (Spanish philosopher and  theologian )


Shamanic meditation is simple, even for beginners. It is similar to eastern meditation practices, but it doesn’t concentrate on leaving behind the stresses and illnesses of daily life. Instead, it focuses on using a spiritual connection to heal these worldly concerns in their roots.
You will lie down, close your eyes and, transported by the driving beat of Giada’s drum, you’ll be guided in your own powerful shamanic journey as a deep evolution of communication with your spiritual guides (your higher self as well as others) to lead you on a personal journey of healing and understanding. You will journey to find your power animal ally and with a purpose, a question to gain insight into an issue that you want to know more about. And you will come back with your ally and an answer.
Going on a shamanic journey, you will able to access the other worlds through your dreaming body, into non-ordinary reality. This is what happens when you dream in your sleep, but in a shamanic journey you learn to dream awake.

Shamanism is a spiritual practice that goes beyond every beliefs and culture and is about trying to reach your full potential as you walk on planet earth, so connecting yourselves to the whole. Shamans were described as the first physicians, magicians, artists, storytellers, spiritual beings. But shamans are healers that make changes in invisible realms to help healing in the ordinary reality of the community. Shamans see in the darkness while connecting with the divine outside the time in an altered state of consciousness.

Some powerful benefits from Shamanic drumming:

  1. Reduce stress
  2. Improves concentration
  3. opens up acceptance of self
  4. it encourages the body to desire a healthier lifestyle
  5. beneficial to your cardiovascular health
  6. boosts your immune system
  7. induces a deeper self-awareness by prompting synchronus brain activity and alpha waves
  8. helps releasing negative feelings and emotional trauma

6th February 2-4pm

February Shamanic Circle

With Giada from Invisible Caims 

The mood of our Monthly Shamanic Circles at the Art and Spirituality Centre in Gorgie, Edinburgh is  powerful, dynamic, charming, funny, artistic and relaxing. 

The theme of February will be Life uncertainty. 

Recognizing the uncertainty of all life, and not just the pandemic time, teaches us about the impermanence of all things and people, in a society based on the search for stability. But this search produces fatigue and suffering, because stability does not belong to nature, it cannot be produced, except in artificial ways based on forced balances. 
We will practice together the wabi sabi rituals practised by Japanese monks to make uncertainty a positive founding value of our lives. 

Expect Wabi Sabi Japanese Rituals from the Yamabushi Shamans Be ready to take a shamanic journey accompanied by Giada’s drumming and be in touch with your spirits allies to ask questions for which you need guidance. 

Be open to receive and explore!

12th February 2-4pm

Creative Shamanic Workshop

Follow your heart: chakra painting, soul mates and shamanic journey

With Giada from Invisible Caims 

Monthly Creative Shamanic Workshops


Falling in love is a state of annulment of the ego. 

You can fall in love with a kitten, a lake, a human being, a work of art, an ideal.

Being in love is a state of ecstasy and always ecstasy takes you beyond the ordinary mind, allowing you to approach the Divine. 

This workshop is asking you to put aside everything that is commonly said and known about the relationship and the stereotype of the soul mate.

The emotional relationship is a very important element in everyone’s life and it is an element that can give a lot in terms of spiritual elevation, up to ecstasy, to union with the Divine, of which our partner is always the symbol. Love, in fact, is always impersonal. Those who love are elevated, healed, empowered. This is not due to having found the right person, but to having found love within oneself. The so-called ‘right person’ is a mirror of the possibilities, the talents, the wonder that we carry within us.

It is possible to attract your soul mate, to cultivate and grow the relationship to a point of fulfilment so intense that you can say you are in a state of ecstasy, but first you have to enter into a relationship with your soul and the karma that guides you.

We will talk about this burning topic and will then reach an ecstatic state through a shamanic journey and afterwards you will express your creativity through chakra painting

5th February 6.15-7pm

Chakra Balancing. Inviting sound, energy healing, meditation, sound

with Iza from Nomadic Heart Art Medicine

Chakra Balancing. Inviting sound, energy healing, meditation, movement, voice.


Chakra Balancing. Inviting sound, energy healing, meditation, movement, voice. Hosted by Nomadic Heart Art Medicine.

Chakra Meditation is designed to bring you back to neutrality, to a place of balance. You might call this “Zero Point”, a place where you can begin again with a fresh, new mind.”

— Ilchi Lee

The gathering will be facilitated by Iza Waszak, holistic practitioner, founder of Nomadic Heart Art Medicine that invites you to experience the nourishment of the soul, mind, and body through a deeper connection with chakras – physical and etheric body through:

Relaxation,sound healing meditation-breath – that is a combination of singing bowls, chimes supported with affirmations, visualizations, and energy healing

– Sound – vocal toning through a voice- chanting that will support and restore your nervous system by taking you for a deep journey of relaxation, allowing you to connect with your breath, and experience healing from within.

– Movement each session we will start with little physical exercise as dance, free way of moving or dancing,

Chakra healing is an excellent way to balance your chakras and find balance within your body and mind

-Improved overall health and well-being

-Greater and faster ability to heal your mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional issues.

-Increased openness, memory, concentration, and awareness.

-Positive outlook in terms of understanding, perception of behaviors, and thought processes.

-Heightened creativity and better resourcefulness because of better perception.

-Sense of self-worth, self-esteem, and self-confidence.

-Improved and deeper sleep, better control over your emotions, and improved patience.

Nomadic Hearts Art Medicine loves to share and work with communities and is looking forward to co-creating together – bringing you into safe spaces for sharing.

What to bring:

-your own mat -blanket -eye mask -water/snack for after your session.

-notebook, pen

– feel free to bring cushions too if you want to get super cozy and comfortable.

Iza offers regular Women’s Nature Connection groups and Community Drumming Circles, Healing, and Creativity sessions.

Please let her know if you would like to be kept in the loop.

Look forward to seeing you!